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New Ragic setup application to configure your Ragic account to replace config.xml

By Jeff Kuo

One decision that we've made in the early days of Ragic is that since we believe Ragic is the best way to develop database applications, then we shall not use any other ways to develop databases in Ragic besides Ragic itself. So as a result, from the user and account registration, to group management, to even blogs, forums and applications stores on Ragic. They are all totally built on Ragic Builder! Some of it have customized interface using the Java API, but every bit of data is stored on Ragic.

The administration function that you use to create new users for your account was build on Ragic but we used the Java API to create a more customized interface. This is necessary in the beginning because Ragic does not have enough features to create a fully functional user registration module. But as our product grew, we begin to face problems that applications "NOT" built with Ragic faces, because we used a customized interface rather than Ragic. It's that we'll need to put more and more effort on the user registration function development because of different feature requests like paged listing of users, filtering users by status, or adding new fields. Does these features begin to sound familiar? Yes, they're all functions already provided by Ragic.

The great thing about using Ragic is that you can build rock solid applications really fast in a flexible way. So it's time for us to look back and see if Ragic now have enough capability to manage the users in your account and manage your configurations, and the answer is yes.

Now on all new registered accounts we will install a "Ragic Setup" application, you can use it to manage users and groups, or configure your account privilege and feature access settings. The old user management function in the top account tab will remain where they are for now. But please use the new Ragic Setup application to manage your users and configuration, we will remove the user management in the admin tab in the future.

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