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Excel Catastrophe 8: Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

By Gina Tsao

How hard would it be to make an order list by Excel?

Because Excel is one of the commonest office software, it is usual to receive various documents that are made by Excel such as price quotations, order lists, invoices, financial statements, and so on. Truly, Excel is a powerful tool. One could still finish a good-looking sales invoice by simply copying and pasting data from different spreadsheets even if they do not have all the required knowledge about the software.

Easy in theory, difficult in practice. Although copying and pasting are basic skills for almost every office worker today, it can be very problematic at times. First of all, this would cost you plenty of time to find out and open the data you need among all the files in your drives unless all the documents are well-organized and categorized properly. Furthermore, when you finally complete all the works and save the finished invoice, you have to repeat the same process over and over again when you create more invoices.

Cheer up! There is no need to feel upset when a better solution is available.

With Ragic, you can create your sheets easily by uploading the Excel files you have already. And then to produce invoices, you just need to create a new sheet and use link and load to obtain data from the customers and the products sheet. It is all integrated and linked, there is no more craziness with repeatedly copying and pasting from hundreds of files to another.

This time, it is that easy when you use Ragic.

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