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Ready to Work Remotely?

By Gina Tsao

As COVID-19 (Wuhan coronavirus) continues to spread, remote working is now an urgent need for many enterprises to maintain their businesses and protect their employees’ health at the same time.

However, there is one crucial question for employers all over the world— is your company ready to execute remote working?

Depending on each company’s digital business transformation, working remotely could be easy or difficult. For instance, it would be hard for a traditional company’s employees to work from home in a sudden when most of one’s jobs rely on paperwork for reimbursement or accounting. Moreover, for the enterprises which use an intranet to manage data or share files privately, it would be a challenge for their employees to work remotely unless the IT department can help.

On the other hand, switching to remote work may be relatively easier for the businesses which are already familiar with cloud working. Benefiting from cloud database or web conferencing tools, working in the same space is no more a requirement for running a company. Most of the work could be finished without actually meeting other colleagues. Of course, remote working may not be suitable for all industries. For example, manufacturing industries may need employees on site to operate large machines, and service industries may still need to provide service on site.

Frankly, no one knows how long this pandemic would end. At this point, it is crucial to follow your government’s epidemic prevention policy and keep healthy as possible. Depending on where you are, working from home may be something that you are doing now or may be inevitable in the coming months. However, there are many obstacles your company needs to overcome before starting remote working. To conclude, the earlier you start to prepare, the easier it would be when the time comes.

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